Advanced Font Settings Extension for Google Chrome

Here is an extension for non-English speaking Google Chrome users. Advanced Font Settings Extension.

This extension allows you to customize font settings for different language scripts. For example, you can set the default font for Simplified Chinese content to be different than the font for Japanese content. The settings are per-script (as specified in ISO 15924) rather than per-language. For example, there is a single setting for Cyrillic script rather than separate ones for Russian, Ukrainian, etc.

I do not have enough information to explain how useful this extension is. But a recent Chrome bug tells me it is.

Add link to the Advanced Font Settings extension in Font Settings

When the extension is installed and enabled, the link points to the extension’s options page. Otherwise, the
link points to the extension’s page on the Chrome Web Store.

This implements the design described in

So, if you have the extension installed, you get a link to its settings page from Chrome font settings. Else, you get a link to install the extension. Here is the extension if you want to try it out.

Thanks Craig Tumblison for helping me find the extension!

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