Default Port Forwarding and Git Integration for Your Chromebook

If you are a developer and a Chromebooks fan, I have news about two new features coming to Chrome and Chrome OS. Default Port Forwarding and Git Integration.

Default Port Forwarding

Default Port Forwarding configuration have been added to the latest Chromium build. It might take a few weeks for it to land on developer builds and up. When ready, this new feature will be available at chrome://inspect

Git Integration for Chrome OS Code Editor

A truly exciting news for those who want to code from a Chromebook.Code Edit for Chrome OS is getting Git integration. This feature is also a work-in-progress and is not available in stable builds. It’s still work in progress but we can pull, push, commit, branch and checkout from the new “git” menu button, says François Beaufort sharing the news.

But you can try it out without much trouble.

Try it Out

If you want to try it out, check out the code_editor_dev branch of the Code Editor Chrome App available at Once you’ve done that, load it as an unpacked extension in chrome://extensions and enable thechrome://flags/#enable-syncfs-directory-operation flag to play with it.

Now, here are some screenshots!

What is next in your developer wishlist?


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