Chrome for Android Gets New Gestures and Search By Image

I ignored Chrome for Android for a while, didn’t I? I use Chrome for Android Beta on my Android phone, but I am not impressed by the startup speed of it. There is a lot to be done to get the mobile experience on par with the desktop experience of Chrome. Meanwhile, Google is adding new features and tweaking existing stuff. Here is a couple of them.

New Gestures

Chrome for Android beta recently got couple of new gestures. Here is the list:

  • Swipe horizontally across the top toolbar to quickly switch tabs (this gesture replaces swiping from the edge of the screen).
  • Drag vertically down from the toolbar to enter into the tab switcher view
  • Drag down from the menu to open the menu and select the item you want without having to lift your finger.

Need more help? Take a look at this image:

Search By Image

This is a new Google feature added to Chrome on desktop. The recent beta update is bringing this feature to Chrome for Android too. “With today’s Beta release of Chrome, you can quickly discover all sorts of content related to an image by right-clicking on it, or by long-pressing it on mobile devices, and selecting the option to search for it within your default search provider.” (Chrome Blog)

But still, I am waiting for better start-up speed.

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