Chromebook Not Charging? Try This Tip From Chromebook Ninjas

When Rex Roof’s CR48 stopped charging, he contacted Chromebook Ninjas for help. “Chromebook Ninjas” is the support team at Google helping the Cr48 users with their Chromebooks.

Here is the tip he received from them and it actually worked. So, when your Cr48 Chromebook’s battery stops charging, try this.

  1. Plug the power adapter into a live outlet.
  2. In one-second intervals, connect and disconnect the power adapter to the Chrome Notebook (1 second plugged in, 1 second unplugged, 1 second plugged in, etc).
  3. Do this about 12 to 24 times.
  4. An orange light should appear near where the power adapter connects to the notebook.
  5. Once the orange light appears, allow the system to fully charge for 2 to 3 days.

You may be required to plug and unplug several times before the orange light will come on.

Please do not forget to post a comment if this worked. Also, Chromebook’s community manager +Melissa Daniels suggested the replacement power adapter that will work with your Cr48.

21 responses to “Chromebook Not Charging? Try This Tip From Chromebook Ninjas”

  1. Worked like a charm. Only needed 5 or 6 in and outs.
    Thank you very much!!

  2. Worked like a charm. Only needed 1-2 times.

    Wonder why this happens.

  3. Didn’t work so I assume it is the adapter. Ordered one for 10 cents! With shipping it will still be less than $7. Nice.

  4. Did not work. 4 month old chromebook will not start up.

  5. 2nd chromebook in 3 months and now the charger won’t work. This tip didn’t work.

  6. I have had this chrome book book for about 2 years and it just started acting up. This worked for 2 minutes and the light was blinking green for my Chromebook I will try again later. Any other advice?

  7. Hi,

    This worked perfectly for me on a Samsung Chromebook series 3 – I believe the problem was due to my battery running down completely, then when the Chromebook was plugged in the power light continued to flash green and then orange, but the battery wouldn’t charge and the Chromebook wouldn’t run from the mains either.

    Plugging it in and out every second about 10 – 15 times showed an orange charging light only and the Chromebook fully charged overnight. It then worked off mains and battery as normal

    Thanks again


  8. annmarieturello

    Did not work at all. Chromebooks are awful oh my god

  9. Whenever I charged my chromebook, I used a extension cord so I could move around. So I’m talking over 2 years of doing this. Then yesterday (Sunday) I had it plugged in, but for some reason it didn’t charge my chrombook. So I disconnected the extension cord and plugged it in without it and it charged up. The adapter was on when connected to the extension cord, so I don’t know why it didn’t charge my chromebook. Maybe I’ll try a different extension cord.

    1. Dinsan – Bangalore, India – Digital Minimalist & Content Developer. Drinks Tea and writes Stuff (mostly about Chromebooks). My views are mostly copied from others.

      Thank you for the comment! Hope that you’ll get that charger issue figured out soon.!

  10. Yes I have a Chrome book but I just replaced the cord and it still doesn’t work. HELP!!

  11. I have a chromebook 13 cb5-311-t677, it was working fine 2 days ago. I tried to charge it and the amber light for the battery does not come on??? Can anybody help?

    1. mtrjordanmjorda07

      Mine is doing the same thing — did you find an answer?

      1. Maryann, my chrome book is back up and running. The issue was the charger. The part that plugs into the chrome book. I bought one at amazon for 15 dollars with tax.

  12. My chromebook won’t charge at all and the light on the charger not the one on the back of the chromebook keeps blinking. How can I make it charge again?

  13. Only had my chromebook xe303c12-a01us for 9 months. It was working fine now it won’t turn on. The charger light is on but not the light on the book, any ideas?

    1. I have the exact same problem from the exact same model. Did you find a solution yet?

      1. The logic board needs repair/replacement. I repair ~30 Chromebooks a month with this issue.

  14. tynestories

    This trick didn’t work with my chromebook. It was really fine yesterday….

  15. We had a generic charger. It started doing the orange blinking light thing and the laptop would try to boot, run out of power, and power cycle, over and over again.

    We tried the original toshiba charger which produces 5w more (45w vs. 40w) and the charging light turned orange and stayed orange. We threw away the generic charger.

  16. William Evans

    My Acer Chromebook book won’t change or turn on is it the bug or is it the charger it’s been doing this for a month what do I do

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