Google’s Own ‘Seaboard’ – A Tegra 2 Powered Chrome OS Touch Device

Google is testing a new Touch UI for Chrome OS. This is not a secret these days. I saw some bug fixing even today, on this touch UI. But where are they testing this new touch UI? There should be a touch-enabled device right? a tablet ? or a netbook with a touch screen?

Yes, there is one such device, and they call it “Seaboard”

After reading about the ZGB device from Acer, I spent a few hours reading a lot of Chromium bugs and found this device being mentioned in a lot of bugs. Oh, remember that Cr48 was called “Mario” internally? Seaboard sounds like a similar code name.

Hardware Specs

I couldn’t get much info about this, but here is what I found.

1. Tegra 2 processor from Nvidia
2.  Atmel MXT Touch Screen
3.  2MB of SPI storage –  ( whatever that means — )
4.  DRAM:  1 GiB
5. Two USB Ports

Is This a Tablet or Netbook With Touch Interface?

I’m 100% sure that this device is touch. But is this a tablet? I couldn’t confirm that. Maybe some of you may be able to read the code better and interpret it. Why am I confused if its a tablet or a netbook with touch? Here is some info from those bugs I read.

know we only have the traditional models, no clamshells,” one bug says. A netbook with a keyboard should be a clamshell right? So, that sounds like a tablet.

What steps will reproduce the problem? 1. Start seaboard.2. Press ctrl+alt+f2” does that sound like a netbook with a keyboard or a tablet? ( with a keyboard connected for development purpose ? or maybe on-screen keyboard ?)

Here is another “suspend (flip lid switch)6. wait until backlight is out7. resume (flip lid switch)” that’s a method to test bug. Flip lid switch? sounds like a tablet?

I’m still looking for more info on this. If you find something cool, please drop a comment. Oh, and if you want to dig deeper into this code base, click here.

ps: Those few hours I spent researching on these devices have given me some more good stuff. I will post them soon.

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  1. itsdaniel0 – I'm just some geeky 18 year old

    I hope this test pilot program hits the UK and not US 😉

    1. LOL !! yes, and India too please !!

      1. And the Netherlands too please !!

      2. yeah, Netherlands!
        maybe some arrangement with ChromeStory readers 😉 and our writer too of course @Dinu

      3. LOL .. I wish someone gives me one piece for free, for review or some promotion 😀

      4. itsdaniel0 – I'm just some geeky 18 year old

        Ask people for donations (via PayPal?). Something like “Want to see more reviews of Google Products. Click the “donate” button below”

  • thanks !!

    1. Mentioned also in engadget!

      1. yes, saw that .. ( was waiting for it .. sssh !!! )

  • itsdaniel0 – I'm just some geeky 18 year old

    Well, it’s only fair. I received an email saying I was invited to the program, then was told it was US only!!

    1. I received one too !!

  • Maybe it will be like asus eee pad transformer 🙂

    1. thanks for that link ! I just saw one bug that says “seaboard with clamshell” 🙂

      1. thank you for all this good information 🙂
        This is my italian blog about Chrome OS.

        p.s. sorry for my bad english

      2. hey ! welcome aboard 😀 hmm, you English is not bad at all ! 😀

        will keep an eye on your blog too 😉

  • @ Daniel

    na ! that’s not fair 🙂

    1. itsdaniel0 – I'm just some geeky 18 year old

      I have seen many WP plugins do it! And at the end of the day, it is always the users decision if they wish to part with their money 😉

      1. btw, I can’t take paypal money to my bank account here in India now .. I am ok to invest a $300 more .. with hopes that some day adsense will pay me back ..

      2. itsdaniel0 – I'm just some geeky 18 year old

        Well there goes that idea, let’s hope you earn money from the ads.
        I thought they sent cheques out every 1 month?

      3. only when you make $100

  • 3. 2MB of SPI storage – ( whatever that means — )

    The SPI is probably where the boot loader code resides. The fact they called out 2MB leads me to believe they have more boot loader code than a normal tablet. This would be consistent with other Chrome OS platforms that also have more BIOS code than normal netbooks or notebooks.

  • Look this, asus say me that on Computex in Taipei we see the first Chrome OS tablet and netbooks 🙂

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