Is Google and HTC working on a Chrome OS tablet ?

If the answer is yes, Google competing directly with Apple and Microsoft now.

First, they made the browser and OS, chrome, then came the Nexus One, a possible iPhone killer. Now, rumors say that they are working with HTC to bring a Chrome OS multi-touch tablet to the market, right when everyone is waiting for the announcement of Apple’s multi-touch tablet, “iSlate” ( which is again, another huge rumor )

Gizmodo reports

Smarthouse, an Australian publication, reports that HTC and Google have been collaborating “for the past 18 months” and have produced “several working models of a touch tablet,” including one outfitted with Google’s Chrome OS.

If the news is true, 2010 is going to be the most exciting year for both google and apple, competing with each other, on the software and hardware market. We should wait and see what Google does, to enter the hearts of billions of apple lovers.

For online services, google might be the winner, but when it comes to devices, Apple has g a strong dominance. It is not going to be easy to make people leave their iPhones and move to Nexus One, the Google Phone. For Apple, the tough job will be to compete with those online services, and cloud computing that Google will provide to the owners of their devices. When Cloud computing gets more popularity and reliability, it will be tough for Apple to retain its customer, just because they have devices that look cool.

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