How to Disable Images From A Website on Google Chrome

This feature has been added

Sorry guys, but there is a long list of missing features in Google Chrome and that is the main reason for people not using Google Chrome as their Primary browser.

Whenever I browse the Google Chrome Help forum, I find more and more feature requests. These requests are more in number than actual issues reported there, sometimes I feel that way. This is not something really bad, this happens because people really want to use Google Chrome. They are ready to use it, and they demand more because they feel they “need” it.

A popular demand about Google Chrome :  Ability to disable images on a website, or loading webpages without images to save bandwidth. It should not take much of work to enable this feature. But, we are yet to see this feature on Google Chrome.

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  1. Chirag Chamoli – Bangalore – I am ui engineer, developer and entrepreneur who believes that a glass of scotch can solve allmost problems.

    🙂 finally you are point out the short comings

    1. lol yes, but I always did .. you have seen posts on my other blog, and also here right ?

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